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rackit is where you own your channel so you are free to express what you believe to be true without the fear of being blocked, doxed, banned, throttled, or deplatformed.

Grackit covers the costs of maintaining the Grackit platform through the sale of regular channels and the sale of options on nonregular channels.

We chose this heterodox revenue model to ensure no one individual or group can apply undue pressure over Grackit’s content or policies.

Celebrities, sports figures, politicians, billionaires, and all corporate and organizational channels are classified as nonregular channels.

It is here on this page where you purchase an “option” on a nonregular channel and prosper when you resell it either to the person for whom the channel is named or to another “option holder”.

Regular Channels are those owned by the rest of us and they are purchased here.

When you invest in an option on a nonregular channel you are calculating that, at some point the ‘Celebrity” for whom the nonregular channel is named, is going to want to own their “Celebrity Channel.”

Channel  Option Holders create a kind of “market” or “exchange” for, mostly, nonregular Channels.

Grackit Channel Options are akin to what happened when the world wide web first blossomed. Forward thinkers bought domain names they speculated would one day become popular. These speculators profited when buyers came calling.

For example, Joshua Quittner paid ten to twenty dollars for Later, McDonald’s wrote him a check for $3,500.00 for their domain. (the very first domain name) was registered in 1985. Ten years later, Wired reported that just a third of Fortune 500 companies had registered the obvious versions of their names.


Generally, “nonregulars” are not “innovators” or “first adopters”. They usually take a “wait-and-see” approach. And that works for them because they can afford to pay a premium for being cautious, for holding back.

Here are a few domain sales speculators sold at handsome profits: – $345 million, – $90 million, CarInsurance – $49.7 million, – $35 Million, – $30.1 Million.

From information available, it appears the highest price on record for a domain is $827 million for

Optioned channels participate in an ongoing Channel Option Auction until the channel is purchased by the individual or entity for whom the channel is named, i.e. the rightful channel claimant.

The price at which the current Channel Option holder is willing to transfer the Option to another Option holder is set by the then-current Channel Option holder.

The price at which a nonregular channel is finally sold to the rightful channel claimant, i.e. the person or entity for whom the channel is named, is either the “Buy Now” price of the channel or a price negotiated between the current channel option holder and the rightful channel claimant.

To cover the costs of Grackit’s ongoing operations, Grackit receives the proceeds from all initial Channel and Option sales. Thereafter, Grackit receives seven (7%) percent of all transaction amounts.

To Option a nonregular (i.e. "celebrity") Channel, choose the Channel category of your choice from the Channel Option images on this page.

To purchase your own Channel click or tap Here.



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