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freedom of expression

rackit is dedicated to fostering a healthy democracy by providing a platform to voice what the speaker believes to be true without fear of being blocked, doxed, banned, throttled, or deplatformed. Fostering a dialogue between opposing points of view is built into Grackit’s DNA.

The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 19) states that the fundamental right of freedom of expression encompasses the freedom “to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), founded in 1889 and made up of 179 member parliaments describes itself as “the global organization of national parliaments [that] empower parliaments…to promote peace, democracy and sustainable development.”

The IPU takes the position that, for a healthy democracy to survive citizens must have the right to “express political opinions without interference”; to “seek, receive and impart information and to make an informed choice.”

Since you own your channel your voice cannot be silenced. That’s how Grackit serves the public interest.

Because of the other Golden Rule: “He who has the gold, rules”, Grackit has a rather heterodox approach to funding.

To eliminate the potential corrosive compromises associated with accepting funding from special interests, Grackit pays bills by selling “Channels”.

At Grackit there are two types of Channels, regular and nonregular (see sample channel nearby)

Nonregular Channels are owned by celebrities, sports figures, politicians, billionaires, etc. All corporate and organizational channels are also classified as nonregular.

Regular Channels are those owned by the rest of us. During the introductory period, Regular Channels are available at a substantial discount (click “Buy Now” below).

Additionally, anyone purchasing their Regular Channel during the limited, introductory period will never be assessed our normal annual renewal fee.

Any Nonregular Channel can be Optioned and held by anyone until the person or entity for whom the Channel is named decides to purchase their named Channel from the Option Holder.

To purchase your regular channel see”Buy Now” below. To option a nonregular “celebrity” channel see “Browse Now”. 






Own It!

Never Get Blocked

Never Get Doxed

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Obstacles to Liberty and Freedom

Grackit is all about truth-seeking. because no one has a monopoly on truth, Grackit’s DNA encourages conversations between those with opposite world views.

Clearly, the widespread discovery of truth is a fundamental prerequisite to freedom and liberty. Those in pursuit of truth recognize there are two main obstacles to discovering truth. One is external, the other internal.

Overcoming both obstacles to truth is in the public interest. Grackit exists to serve that public interest.

Abraham Lincoln said: “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis.”

The important phrase is: “If given the truth”. This speaks directly to the main external obstacle to discovering truth.

Individuals and organizations dogmatically committed to either a right or left political worldview often fail to deliver truthful information. The same goes for those who adamantly refuse to consider the validity of any opposing point of view.

It may be profitable to stick blindly to a one-sided “narrative”, but public interest is not served when media is biased in favor of one political point of view. The public’s ability to discover real facts is further hindered when social media’s censorship determines what we the people are allowed to see, hear, read or express.

This is especially injurious to the public interest when the biased individual or organization is in the “news” business.

A fidelity to fanaticism and a refusal to listen to opposing points of view fails to serve public interest. Public interest is best served when access to a wide variety of views and opinions is the norm. That’s a natural result here because of how Grackit is structured.

Grackit content creators own their channel. Grackers are free to express their opinions. Additionally, every Grackit channel has what we call a “-Opinion” channel. It’s almost impossible not to have a wide variety of views and opinions at Grackit (more on this below).

Truth seldom emerges in an environment where facts are prevented from freely flowing, unencumbered by arbitrary, capricious, or malicious banning, doxing, blocking, throttling, or deplatforming.

If you are knocked for questioning or humiliated for your quest to discover what actually happened, what are the real facts, should that not make you wonder about the motives of those who brush legitimate concerns aside? 

The Truth Seekers’ Question:

“If what you believe was not true would you want to know?”

As dangerous as external obstacles to truth are, internal obstacles may pose the greater danger.

If “No” is the answer to the Truth Seekers’ Question, then there is a good chance something other than truth is the highest priority.

Might a “No” response be indicative of one falling short of open-mindedness? A closed mind is “self-imposed imprisonment”.

Remembering “Sometimes you’re wrong”, i.e. rule number fifty-one as espoused by a popular fictional TV character, can be helpful in these circumstances.

Living by rule number fifty-one is the first step to jail breaking from self-imposed mind imprisonment.

Grackit’s DNA contributes to overcoming both external and internal obstacles to the acquisition of truth. At Grackit, accessing an opposing point of view is just a “click/tap” away.

Relevance of Grackit to You

Unlike other social networks that reap the financial benefits of the content you create, the “fruits” of your creation on your Grackit channel are yours.

It’s your sole and unencumbered right to choose to monetize your Grackit channel (or not). And we provide the monetizing tools at no additional cost. When you monetize the contents of your Grackit channel you keep all proceeds generated from your channel.

Additionally, you are free to sell your channel at any time.

The level of popularity and monetization of your channel will rise or fall entirely based upon the merits of the content you create on your channel.

Unlike most social networking sites, at Grackit you can broadcast your Gracs to many other social networking site where you have an account.

And, here’s the best part, you can also broadcast your Gracs at up to one hundred C100 sites. (Chronicles Community Creations, i.e. C100 is the creator of Grackit.)

The Inspiration for Grackit’s Format

In the golden age of newspaper journalism, the paper’s opinion was typically on the left-hand page and the opposing opinion was usually on the right-hand page of the paper.

Think of Grackit as a digital improvement of that sensible way to stimulate an exchange of ideas between contrary opinions.

In the case of Grackit, instead of “columns” we have “channels”. Every channel has three sections. The opinions of the channel owner are posted in the “Home” section (see image below).

Opinions that are supportive of the “Home” section are posted in the “+ Opinions” tab. The opposing opinions are posted in the “- Opinions” tab.

What is allowed or denied in the “+ Opinion Channel” is controlled by the channel’s rightful owner or by the current Option holder of the channel (more on “options” below).

The opposing opinion channel is controlled by someone who purchased the related “-Opinion” channel. They invested in the “-Opinion” channel because they want to provide opposing opinions to those appearing in the “Home” and “+ OPINIONS” tab of that specific channel.

Purchasing a “-Opinion” channel gives the owner two posting platforms. It creates a channel for the owner and everything that he posts at that channel can be auto posted in the “-Opinion” channel tab for the channel it is attached to. And of course the posts can be broadcasted to over one hundred other sites as described above.

For example, the Joe Biden channel would be owned by Joe Biden and his post would appear in the “Home” tab of the Joe Biden Channel. Points of view supportive of Joe’s would appear in the “+ OPINIONS” channel provided Joe “allowed” those posts to be published.

The URL for the Joe Biden Channel would look like this:

The Joe Biden opposing opinions channel (- Opinions tab) might be purchased by Donald Trump. The URL for the Joe Biden opposing opinions channel would look like this:

Any Trump post at would appear in the “Home” tab of that channel and automatically be posted to the “-Opinions” tab of Joe Biden’s channel

By the way, anyone purchasing their own named Regular Channel might want to consider the value of purchasing their “- OPINIONS” channel as well.

Wait just a minute (you might say), that could make sense if I were suffering from dissociative identity disorder, or if I were bipolar, but I’m “not guilty” on both counts.

Ask yourself this: How popular would Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes be without a Moriarty?

Now, do you see the point? Chances are quite good that if you forcefully and confidently use your Grackit channel to express what you believe to be true, there will be those with opposing points of view.

Why not Option your “- OPINIONS” channel with the idea that, when someone with an opposing point of view decides to purchase the “- OPINIONS” channel to your channel, you profit by selling it to them.

Depending on how good your content is, the sale of the Option on your “- OPINIONS” channel could provide a great return on your investment.

Grackit Funding Model

Most endeavors require money. Even a church, mosque, or synagogue has to pay to keep the lights on.

Grackit’s funding source is primarily the sale of channels and options on channels

Any individual or organization can purchase their channel but they must in fact be the rightful claimant, i.e. the individual or organization with the legal right to the named individual or organization channel.

For example, only Joe Biden or a Joe Biden designated entity can own the Joe Biden channel.

However, prior to the purchase of the Joe Biden channel by Joe Biden or a Joe Biden designated entity, anyone can Option the Joe Biden channel.

Put another way: any channel that has not yet been purchased outright by the rightful claimant can be “optioned” by any individual or organization and held until the rightful channel claimant purchases the channel.

There is a process for authenticating the rightful claimant to a channel. There are financial assessments levied against those who violate the named channel terms and conditions.

All Optioned channels participate in an ongoing “option auction” until the channel is purchased by the individual or entity for whom the channel is named, i.e. the rightful channel claimant.

The price at which the current named channel Option holder is willing to transfer the Option to another Option holder or sell the named channel outright to the rightful channel claimant is set by the then-current named channel Option holder.

To clarify the preceding: at any time before the outright purchase of a channel by its rightful claimant, Option ownership is transferable to any new Option holder who meets the auction requirements of the then-current Option holder.

Option terms also stipulate the then-current Option holder must sell outright the named channel to the person or entity with legal rights to the named channel under the following terms and conditions:

At any time, the individual or organization for whom the channel is named can purchase the named channel outright by paying either the “Buy Now Price” of the channel or at a price negotiated with the then current Channel Option Holder.

Those who decide to become an Option Holder of a Nonregular Channel should factor into their resell price the fact that, to cover the ongoing costs of Grackit operations, Grackit receives seven (7%) percent of all transaction amounts.

What’s The Big Deal About “Truth”?

Can we expect truth to prevail in a system controlled by the few? How can we remain informed when news and information are progressively more controlled by a handful of powerful gatekeepers?

When truth prevails, we are better equipped to identify the underlying cause of most problems. When we understand the underlying cause we are better able to design the best solution.

Only by identifying real problems and applying the right solutions, can we make life better for the greatest number of individuals.

Solved problems improve economic conditions. A better economy directly improves our personal well being and increases our ability to help others solve their problems and advance their pursuit of happiness.

Why Another Social Network?

People of the world face formidable challenges. Limiting our sources of news and information to big tech and big media does not provide the truth based, factual knowledge needed to select the best solutions to our problems and to govern ourselves successfully.

As a practical matter, most of us will surely agree that solving a problem requires knowing the truth about what caused the problem.

Follow any blood-red thread through history and we find resistance to truth, misunderstandings, misjudgments, half-truths, and outright lies at center stage in nearly every human blunder.

What they all share in common is a lack of truthful information. Calamities result when we are unaware of the truth (the external obstacle) or refuse to accept it (the internal obstacle).

The health of any community depends upon a truthful assessment of the problems and issues affecting the community. The question is: who can we rely on to help identify the real problems and offer the best solutions?

In the past, we relied on news media to keep us informed. Unfortunately, far too many of today’s purveyors of news and information have become activists. Others are just pandering to special interests instead of pursuing the facts irrespective of where they may lead.

Most everything we are allowed to read, hear or see today comes to us from a handful of tech and media giants who control the flow of information. They own the dominant social media sites, the electronic media (radio and TV), hundreds of newspapers, magazines, book publishers and motion picture production.

We have been eyewitnesses to a dramatic decline in the reliability of what we hear, read and see. The “news” simply is not providing the kind of truthful knowledge that is up to the challenge of maintaining freedom where it exists and cultivating it where tyranny reigns.

Too many “news” sources today have demonstrated they are not reliable truth-seeking partners.

Sadly, news today seems to be either entertainment masquerading as news or it is “cheer leading” for one point of view and condemning another. That cannot produce the kind of truthful information a free society depends upon to survive and flourish.

Just having a presence on Grackit sends a message that you are open to opposing points of view. That you consider truth more valuable than winning an argument.

Owning a channel demonstrates you are not threatened by someone who disagrees with your worldview. That you are supportive of an open exchange of ideas. And you are prepared to change your views if the evidence offered is convincing.

What Is Truthful Information?

Truthful information requires an earnest commitment to discovering the what, why, who, when, where, and how regarding the issues and events affecting our lives.

Once discovered, truth demands dissemination without fear or spin. This is authentic news. The pursuit of factual knowledge is the genuine focus of a truth seeker.

Now if the news story is about the poodle winning a blue ribbon, then the press can generally be counted on to give us the straight “poop” (sorry couldn’t resist).

But, suppose the story is about the existence of weapons of mass destruction. Or the story takes a position the economic meltdown was caused by greedy Wall Street titans (the liberal view) or by Government intervention in housing (the conservative view).

In situations more serious than a canine contest, all too often the temptation to propagandize is more than many seem able to resist.

Understanding the true cause of failure in institutions that impact our lives is of critical importance.

Especially if we want to avoid repeating the same mistakes. For anyone who has lived as an adult for a decade or more, it must be deeply disheartening to watch the apparent lack of fidelity to truth exhibited by all too many voices.

When Less Is More

Did you ever wonder if perhaps there is a much friendlier relationship between big tech, big business, big media, and big government than we were led to believe? Could that explain why some problems are so resistant to a resolution?

If you are “big business” and “big government”, which would be easier to deal with, a handful of media organizations with whom you have developed cozy relationships and who also benefit from the status quo or hundreds of independent news channels dedicated to Non Partisan Pursuit of Truth®?

Ask yourself this: why at the dawn of Television only three media giants were licensed by the FCC?

For the few organizations controlling the flow of news and information, what best protects their entrenched status more? Would it be the reelection of the same politicians with whom they have developed comfy relationships?

Might those same politicians be more easily persuaded to structure any new media regulations in a manner that favors the existing media organizations?

Or would a crop of new Representatives and Senators with whom the corporate interests have no relationship be better for those in control?

Wait just one minute, you say. Big media may be cozy with big government (the regulators) and big businesses (the advertisers), but these giant media organizations employ hundreds and thousands of individuals. How could they possibly control every word all those different journalists express? Answer: They cannot.

However, that does not mean bias does not run deep in big tech and big media.

Most big media organizations employ professional journalists. Some are superb writers and independent thinkers.

Many others are all too human. No matter how much they may disagree, they would have to be inhuman for their written or spoken opinion to never be influenced by the person who signs their paycheck. The only exceptions would be independently wealthy writers. Is that a big number?

Can you really work for big tech, big media, big business, and say absolutely, unequivocally you have never been influenced in any way whatsoever by your understanding of how the boss comes down on the subject of what you are covering?

How long can an employee continue to displease the boss and expect to remain employed?

We must recognize most media operating under the present model tends to perpetuate any existing left or right bias simply due to human nature as manifested in the day to day operations of the Human Resources Department.

If conservatives steer the recruiting there is a natural inclination toward hiring conservatives. If progressives, then more progressives. Birds of a feather flock together. No matter how much we profess otherwise, we can never succeed in escaping our nature.

A line in a Bob Dylan song says it well, “As great as you are you can never be greater than yourself.”

Admittedly, the case of built-in bias is hard to quantify. Nevertheless, even if this bias creeps into a relatively small percent of the news, it is still a difference that makes a difference.

Do you really believe bias is relegated to a very small percentage of the news and information we receive?

Grackit tackles this head-on by providing a platform for a nearly unlimited number of independent voices to freely express their opinions without fear of being blocked, doxed, banned, throttled, or deplatformed.

This is how Grackit serves the public interest.

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